Mini Weimaraner: Small Cuter Versions

Do you think, mini weimaraner really exists? Well, this breed is quite popular in the world of dog breeds. It’s also interesting for everyone because it has positive characteristics just like its parent weimaraner.

Mini weimaraner as the name implies, mini weimaraners are half or even one-third size of the normal version of the breed. This breed is an ideal choice for people who love small size dogs. They are sharp and smart so they will be easy to train. Mini weimaraners have a beautiful appearance with their silver coat, blue eyes, long tail, etc.

In this article, you will find information about mini weimaraner, its temperament, and its physical description. You can also learn about the characteristics of mini weimaraners as well as compare this breed with standard size weimaraners.

Mini Weimaraner vs Weimaraner

Mini Weimaraner vs Standard Weimaraner

Mini weimaraner is a special breed, there are some differences between them and their parent. The most outstanding difference is the size of the course. Mini weimaraners are around 30 cm tall on average while standard Weimaraners are about 42 cm tall. Mini weimaraners have different colors; they have silvery color coat with blue eyes.

Mini weimaraner is special because this breed was raised by humans. Nobody can find out the original Mini weimaraners since they are so small. This breed has only existed for several decades, which means that there are no available records of their ancestors to compare them with standard-size weimaraners.

Mini Weimaraner: History And Origins

Mini Weimaraner: History and Origins

Many people know that Weimaraners are not only intelligent but also obedient. However, the mini version of this breed does not inherit their parents’ characteristics. Even though they inherit positive characteristics from their parent miniature pinscher and doberman pinscher; unfortunately, they do not have obedience like their parents. This is because the parents of mini weimaraners are not professionally bred. Furthermore, they do not inherit intelligence from their parent pinscher because this breed is just a mix of other breeds.

Miniature pinschers and doberman pinschers have been successfully bred in many countries like Germany and czechoslovakia for many years. Although Weimaraners are very obedient, they are not easy to be trained.

Mini Weimaraner: Physical Appearance

Physical Appearance

Mini weimarans can be anywhere from 10 to 15 inches tall at their shoulder height. This means that it weighs anywhere between 11-25 lbs! miniature pinschers usually have a weight of about 5-8 lbs and doberman pinschers weigh about 10-70 lbs. This is why mini weimaraner gets its name as it’s a smaller version of this very popular breed.

Their coat is usually short but they can have a silky coat. It can be silver-grey, steel blue with rust markings on their legs, tail, and eyebrows. They might also have amber or light brown eyes which makes them look very pretty.

Mini weimaraner has the same appearance as that of its fellow “weim” family members however it’s just smaller in size.

Mini Weimaraner: Temperament


This breed has a lot of differences compared to its parent breeds, especially about their temperaments. Miniature pinschers are very intelligent, loyal, and obedient dogs while dobermans are also loyal and smart like the former but they can be dangerous to strangers.

Standard weimaraners are very gentle and kind with their family members but they can be aggressive towards strangers. This is also the same for mini weimarans if they do not socialize enough when they’re still little!

Generally, mini weimaraners are very energetic and playful with their family members, especially if they’ve been socialized enough. They usually love to play games and spend time with the family. These dogs do not bark a lot which is very rare for small-sized breeds!

Mini Weimaraner: Health and Care

Health and Care

They have a life span between 12-15 years, which is pretty long considering they are very small! However, mini weimaraners require regular grooming just like their parent breed.

Mini weimarans usually live indoors and enjoy being with the family. They do not need a lot of space to move around in because they can be very active indoors. You have to make sure that they get enough playtime and human interaction to prevent them from being aggressive towards strangers or children.

Mini weimarans are not easy to train because their parents do not have the same characteristics. If trained properly, though, you can expect them to be loyal and obedient dogs without problems!

They may inherit some of the diseases their parent breeds are prone to. They usually get diseases that affect their hearts, eyes, and patellas just like other larger dogs.

Mini Weimaraners: Price and Availability

Mini Weimaraners: Price and Availability

Unfortunately, mini weimarans is only available in some areas of the world like North America, Australia, and a few European countries. This is mainly due to their recent origin; these dogs were only recently bred as a result of crossbreeding pinschers and dobermans.

Unlike normal weimaraner prices, they usually cost a few hundred dollars to buy which is pretty affordable considering they are newly bred dogs. However, you have to be very careful when buying them from the market as they might carry some diseases that may be passed on to their new family members!

Are Mini Weimaraners Good Family Dogs?

Are Mini Weimaraners good family dogs?

Yes, mini weimarans are very good pets and companions especially to those who live alone. They do not bark a lot like most small-sized dogs which makes them excellent for people living in apartments or condos!

They may inherit some of their parent breeds’ aggressive behaviors towards strangers and children; this is why it’s important that they’re trained properly so they can develop a healthy personality.

If you want a very energetic and playful dog, Mini weimaraners are the right dogs for you! They enjoy being with their family members all day long which makes them great companions as well.

Mini weimarans have been relatively newly bred but they have already captured everyone’s hearts because of their small size, intelligence, loyalty, and friendliness to their family members.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are Mini Weimaraners Hypoallergenic?

A. No, Mini Weimarans can cause allergic reactions in some people because they share the same doberman pinscher and german pinscher ancestry. It’s best if you visit a reputable breeder and ask them about their dogs’ health history before buying!

Q. Do These Dogs Shed?

A. Mini weimaraners don’t shed but they will need regular grooming just like other dogs with long hair. They are given a bath once or twice a month to maintain their coat’s quality!

Q. Do Mini Weimaraners Need Much Exercise To Stay Healthy?

A. Yes, especially if they live in apartments or condos! you have to make sure that your dog gets enough playtime outside so they can run around and be physically active. It’s best if you walk them to the park every day for some quality time with you!

Q. Do Mini Weimaraners Get Along With Other Pets?

A. It depends on the dogs’ upbringing. If they have been raised properly, then it’s possible that they can get along just fine with your cats and other small dogs! Make sure to keep an eye on them while playing together to avoid any altercations!

Q. What Is The Life Expectancy of Mini Weimaraners?

A. Mini weimarans can live anywhere from 10 to 12 years which makes them good pets for senior citizens as well. They have been recorded to be relatively healthy and they don’t usually get sick easily which means that your vet bills will be minimal!


Mini weimaraners are relatively new breeds but they have already become one of the world’s most popular dogs today! If you’re looking for a smart, healthy, and friendly dog that doesn’t cost much to maintain, then mini weimaraners are the perfect match for you!

They may be small in size but their heart is big and it’s full of love! If you want a dog that will be your companion for life, then mini weimarans are the right dogs you’re looking for.

They have been known to enjoy spending time with their family members and they make great hunting dogs if trained properly.

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