Stockhaar Weimaraner: Have You Heard About Them?

A SH/LH mix is referred to as “Stockhaar Weimaraner” (which translates to “mixed hair”) because it is a mixture of both shorthair and longhair characteristics. The origin of the stockhaar is unknown; however, it has been documented that this coat variation has existed for over 50 years. The first documented case of a SH/LH mix was in the 1950’s by Dr. Hermann Lutz in Germany.

They are not a recognized coat variation in the show ring, but are considered an acceptable variation by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Stockhaars have a double coat that grows long over the back, tail and hindquarters. The outer coat is coarse and straight and it’s length can vary from that of a shorthair to that of a longhair. Stockhaars come in all colors and markings as do LH’s and SH’s; however, the base color of the Stockhaar is always lighter than that of a LH or SH.

Stockhaar Weimaraner: History & Origin

Stockhaar Weimaraner: History & Origin

Their history is unknown. It is believed that stockhaars are the result of an LH/SH mix, but this is not proven. They have existed in Germany since the 1950s and were first brought to the United States in the late 1960s.

From their DNA, it is believed that the stockhaar originated in Germany. The main difference between a stockhaar and the other two coat variations is the length of the outer coat.

They have been known in Germany since the 1950s but were not brought to America in large numbers until the 1970s. Today’s stockhaars are a relatively new distinctive look for weimaraners, and have found homes with many people. They come in the same colors as the standard weimaraner, the only exception being a stockhaar will never have a saddle on its back.

Stockhaar Weimaraner: Physical Appearance

Stockhaar Weimaraner: Physical Appearance

They are balanced, medium-sized dogs with a short thick coat. The standard stockhaar coloration is solid black, tan, and white. Black is the main color. There may be small markings of blue-gray or yellow-gray on their eyebrows and muzzles, with smaller amounts on their faces, legs, and necks. Oversized dark-colored eyes give the stockhaar its expression of wisdom, which makes this breed one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world.

The eyes have a gentle expression and seem to look something like human eyes. This makes them appealing not only to humans but dogs as well as they have a calm and reassuring look to them with an intelligent sparkle.

The teeth meet in an underbite making the bottom jaw longer than the top one. The ears are high set, small, triangular, and folded.

The broad skull is in proportion to the rest of the body with short ears and a medium-length muzzle with a black nose. The stockhaar has a long neck and deep chest, giving them an athletic appearance.

Stockhaar Weimaraner: Personality


The personality of the stockhaar is very much like the other two variations of the weimaraner. They are often friendly and thrive on attention, but they are a little more laid-back than their counterparts. They are very energetic and active, but they do not require as much strenuous exercise as other working breeds. Like all weimaraners, they have boundless energy and crave constant attention.

They have a great amount of drive for both work and play, especially for an activity that involves running or chasing something down. Their activity level tends to be medium, meaning that they will require moderate exercise on a daily basis. Their energy is easily released through long walks, a long play session at a dog park, or regular playtime with toys. Stockhaars may need less exercise than some other breeds due to their calmer nature and higher endurance.

Care & Grooming

Care & Grooming

The short coat of the stockhaar is easy to care for and does not require much grooming. It should be brushed at least once a week, or more if there is a lot of dirt or debris on the hair. Brushing will also remove dead hair and distribute oils from the skin throughout the coat to keep it healthy and shiny.

Occasionally you may need to trim the hair in order to keep them looking clean and well-groomed. More often, you may need to clean their ears and clip the nails. All weimaraners need to have their ears cleaned on a regular basis, as they are prone to wax build-up.

Stockhaar Weimaraner: Health Concerns

Health Concerns

The average lifespan of the stockhaar is about 12–16 years. Like many other breeds, weimaraners can become overweight easily due to their high metabolism and high activity level. Therefore, it is important that this breed be kept at a healthy weight with consistent exercise and quality nutrition.

They are prone to certain health conditions such as cerebellar ataxia, PRA, canine hip dysplasia, eye disorders (such as cataracts, corneal dystrophy, and retinal dysplasia), autoimmune thyroiditis, and allergies.

The stockhaar is an intelligent breed that learns quickly. They also have a high activity level and need regular exercise in order to stay healthy. They are great for people living in apartments or city homes because they do not require a lot of space.

However, they do require lots of time from their owners and can become depressed if they are left alone for extended periods of time.

Stockhaar Weimaraner: Training Requirements

Stockhaar Weimaraner: Training Requirements

Training a stockhaar weimaraner is a challenge that takes time and patience. Due to their high activity level, they require a lot of exercise and grooming, both of which are very good ways to bond with your dog. You need to be firm, but not aggressive or restrictive while training them. Consistency is also important when training them because they tend to be stubborn.

Punishing them for actions after you’ve already given the command may cause your dog to become afraid of you. While some dog trainers will leave a puppy in its litter for 8 weeks before taking it home and others have their puppies at hand from the moment they’re born, weimaraners should ideally leave their litter between 6 and 8 weeks of age.

Stockhaar Weimaraner: Food Needs And Diet

Stockhaar Weimaraner: Food Needs and Diet

They are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, joint problems, as well as thyroid disease. They need a well-balanced diet with extra calcium and Omega-3 fatty acids to ensure healthy joints. A regular weimaraner diet includes protein sources such as fish and meat, as well as carbohydrates in the form of rice or pasta. They should be given dry dog food or a special weimaraner puppy food.

You should feed your weimaraner two meals each day. The amount of food they get depends on their size, age and activity level. Small 6 to 12-week-old puppies need roughly 2/3 of a cup per day, while a larger 10 to 12-week-old puppy needs roughly 1/2 of a cup per day. An adult weimaraner will typically eat 3 to 4 cups per day.

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Frequently Aasked Questions (FAQs)

Are Stockhaar Weimaraners Good With Children?

Generally, yes. However, you should always supervise your child while they are interacting with any dog and never leave your child with a puppy.

Are Stockhaar Weimaraners Hypoallergenic?

No breed of dog is truly hypoallergenic, but some breeds have fewer allergens than others. If you are allergic to dogs, then it might be worth researching which dog breeds are best for you.

Are Stockhaar Weimaraners Good With Other Pets?

Stockhaar weimaraer’s are loyal and loving, so they are great with other dogs and animals. It is important to note that they should be socialized when they are young, so they can get along with other dogs.

Are Stockhaar Weimaraners Good Watchdogs?

Since they have a very high prey drive, they are excellent watchdogs. Some may even bark or growl at strangers.

Are Stockhaar Weimaraners Easy to Train?

Stockhaar weimaraners are very smart dogs and can be trained easily. But they can be stubborn at times also.


Stockhaar weimaraner is an old breed of dog. It is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world. So this breed is also called as rare breed. Stockhaar weimaraners are loyal, intelligent and hardworking dogs. If you want to buy a stockhaar weimaraner then you can contact with certified Stockhaar kennel to get these puppies at your place.

The cost of a Stockhaar weimaraner puppy is around $600-1500 USD. So if you are looking for a loyal dog to accompany you throughout your life then Stockhaar weimaraner is the best option for sure.

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