Weimaraner Husky Mix: Complete Breed Information

Do you have a weimaraner husky mix dog at your house? If yes then this article is for you. If not, don’t worry it’s always better to know about something rather than nothing. We all love dogs and there are many people who have more than one dog at their home.

Huskies are known as the wolf of Alaska and as huskies are very similar to weimaraner it’s important to know about this breed. weimaraner is a German gun dog and huskies look like wolves and they have high energy, loyalty, and intelligence. These breeds might be friendly but still, these should not be kept with toddlers or other kids who don’t know the rules of keeping a dog.

Weimaraner husky mix is also known as weimski and it’s an attractive dog with short hair and easy to take care of, but still, they need proper training to make them good pets. Most likely the puppy will inherit the best traits from both parents such as intelligence, independence, hard-working nature, and loyalty.

Let’s take a look at the breed standard to know more about both:

Weimaraner Husky Mix: History

Weimaraner Husky Mix: History

Huskies have a lot of history that is why it’s important to know about this breed. These dogs can be traced back to the indigenous people of Siberia and Alaska, where they were used for sledding, guarding, companionship or hunting. Siberian huskies are one of the oldest breeds of dogs that were imported into Alaska for sled dog racing. These dogs were imported from Siberia to Alaska by fur traders in the late 1890s and early 1900s, then Siberian huskies were brought into England in the 1930s for sled dog racing.

This breed was developed as a sled dog and was imported from Siberia to Alaska by the fur traders. Originally these dogs were imported from Siberia to Alaska by fur traders in the 1890s. After that, Siberian huskies were brought into England in the 1930s for sled dog racing.

Weimaraner Husky Mix: Appearance

Weimaraner Husky Mix: Appearance

A weimski is a large-sized dog with short hair. They have an athletic built and the muzzle is slightly longer than their skull. The tail of dogs in this breed has a sickle curve that curves around to its back.

The average height of a male weimaraner husky mix dog is between 21-23 inches and the female usually measures 2-3 inches less than the male. The weight of a weimski range from 45 to 60 pounds.

Their print is a bit similar to weimaraner but still, its unique and webbed feet are also there. Plus the coat of a weimaraner husky mix dog has two layers, but it’s still very short and dense.

Weimski Personality Traits

Weimski Personality Traits

Weimaraner is a German gun dog and huskies look like wolves. These breeds might be friendly but still, these should not be kept with toddlers or other kids who don’t know the rules of keeping a dog. They are known as high-energy canines but you can be trained easily to make them good pets for the family.

A weimski is a very good and loyal friend of the family and they are most likely to inherit this trait from both parents and it explains why they can be very loving with your family. They can also be independent but when there’s work to do, these will totally focus on the task at hand.

Weimski Temperament

Weimski is a high-energy dog that needs a lot of exercises and mental stimulation so that they will not get bored. Alaskan malamutes are also from northern breeds and they were originally used for sledding, hauling freight, and companionship. It may sound similar to blue weiranamers.

These dogs are very intelligent but this fact doesn’t mean that it’s easy to train them. They can be stubborn at times. And these dogs will require you to use the same techniques. Every time you want them to follow your command. Because if you don’t do that then these dogs will simply ignore you.

Weimaraner husky mix is a full-of-life, friendly and energetic breed. That can be suitable for your family. If you have enough time to train them and give them the right amount of attention. These dogs always want to explore new things and they will love spending time outdoors with their human family members.

Weimski Grooming

Weimski Grooming

Grooming for this breed is easier as they have low-shedding coats. This dog breed needs minimal grooming as these dogs don’t need regular baths and their coat is easier to maintain. Regular brushing is needed for these dogs. But this process should be done very gently as the skin of weimski will be easily irritated.

This dog breed also requires trimming and stripping about once a month because their coats are double-layered. The long-haired coat must be cut across both layers to make your weimaraner husky mix dog look better.

When your weimaraner husky mix is shedding his coat. It can be thinned out by the use of a stripping knife or thinning shears. The shears are usually thin with sharp edges which can thin out their coats without damaging them too much. Thinning out these dogs’ coats will make them cooler and give them a cleaner look.

Weimaraner Husky Mix: Health

Weimaraner Husky Mix: Health

Husky has the tendency to gain weight very easily which makes them prone to obesity. This can be prevented by making sure that these dogs get an adequate amount of exercise. And having a healthy diet every day. If you take your Weimski for an exercise on a regular basis then you can keep their weight at bay.

Weimaraner husky mix has a fairly long lifespan which is about 12 to 14 years if they are being given the right amount of care and attention. People usually love this dog because it doesn’t bark a lot and these dogs won’t be intimidated by other pets or strangers in your home.

You need to take precautions when you have very young kids in your house because weimski might nip them unintentionally. These dogs will always protect you from any danger so having them around can give you peace of mind knowing that they will look out for your family.

These dogs are working-class breeds so they were originally used as hunting, herding, watchdogs, and tracking dogs. Weimski will be able to adapt your family’s lifestyle easily as long you take them out for walks regularly or play games with them at home.

Weimaraner Husky Mix: Care

Weimaraner Husky Mix: Care

This breed is easy to groom and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. They just need regular exercise and playtime.

If you’re in the process of housetraining your weimaraner husky mix, remember that this dog will usually take some time. Before they get used to their new home when brought from the shelter or when they are adopted. They may even soil in your house at first so it’s important to be patient with them while they learn about their new environment.

When giving food for your weimaraner husky mix, make sure that they only eat what’s enough for them. These dogs can be prone to obesity which can shorten their lifespan and give them health issues like joint problems and heart disease if these dogs get overweight.

Feeding your weimski with the right amount of food is very important in keeping them healthy. A good diet for these dogs will consist of a 3 to 6 oz per cup twice or thrice a day depending on their age and how active they are.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does A Weimaraner Husky Mix Bark A Lot?

A. A weimski will only bark when necessary so they are perfect for someone who wants a dog that doesn’t make a lot of noise most of the time. These dogs can be vocal but it’s usually not as bad as other dog breeds like terriers.

Q. Why Do Weimaraner Husky Mix Dog’s Feet Smell Like Corn Chips?

A. When your weimski’s feet start to smell like corn chips then it’s a sign that they need cleaning. Cleaning their paws will keep them fresh and clean so don’t wait for these dogs to make your home smell like corn chips before you do something about it.

Q. Why Do Weimaraner Husky Mix Dogs’ Nails Grow Really Fast?

A. When a dog’s nails grow too fast, they will naturally struggle to walk and move freely which can be painful for them and will cause them discomfort as well. Keep their nails short by having them cut at the groomers regularly.

Q. How Much Do Weimaraner Husky Mix Dogs Cost?

A. You can adopt a weimski from your local shelter for a small fee but you need to make sure that they’re spayed or neutered first before these dogs are able to leave the shelter. If you’re interested in adopting them then you just need to fill out some paperwork first. If you want to buy them from other breeders then they will cost anywhere around $700 up to $3,000 depending on their bloodlines and looks.


At last, weimaraner husky mix is a perfect combination of the great looks and personalities of these two breeds. Though these dogs might need some special requirements for you to consider them as your new pet, they are worth having around because they are very loyal and affectionate to their family. They are also known to be very intelligent which makes training them easy and quick.

So if you want a very active dog who will protect your family from any dangers, then a weimaraner husky mix is right for you! Hope this article has been very enlightening and informative to read. Keep learning about dogs in my next articles and thanks in advance!

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