Weimaraner and Cats: Dog And Cat Friendship

Most Weimaraners don’t like cats because they have a very strong desire to hunt. There are ways to make sure Weimaraner and cats get along. These include giving the dog a good start with a proper introduction, watching it closely, giving it positive reinforcement, and raising it around cats from the time it was a puppy.

Can They Live Together?

Keep in mind that Weimaraners like to hunt anything that moves.

In this case, it depends on the Weimaraner and the cat, too. The way both pets are raised, how they act around each other, how they meet for the first time, and many other things can affect their relationship.

It doesn’t matter if a Weimaraner is used to cats or if she was raised to live with cats as a pup. As a grown-up dog, she won’t be afraid of cats. It can also be avoided if the Weimaraner and the cats meet in the right way so that they don’t get along.

You should know what’s going on, when and how to help, and how to stay calm no matter what. If you want them to stay in touch with you, you should set rules about how much time they can spend with each other.

What Happens When Weimaraners And Cats Get Along?

Are Weimaraners Good With Cats?


The Weimaraners were mostly small game hunters, though. When Weimaraners are young, their genes make them want to chase rabbits, cats, and other small animals because they know them. Two animals don’t mix well together, so you need to be careful.

This does not imply that every time a Weimaraner sees a cat, they will chase after it. But it’s very important to know how these two animals act so that you can avoid some problems.

As a rule of thumb, cats tend to be more reserved and cautious than dogs when it comes to some strange situations and places.


Cats aren’t a fan of Weimaraners, even though they’re good dogs for the whole family. The thing nature has given is the thing that you can do with it. The first few months are very important for a cat and a Weimaraner to get to know each other.

Weimaraner Was Raised Around Cats

A puppy who grew up with cats is friendly. They sometimes share the same bed and even snuggle up to each other when they do. So it’s interesting to see something like that. There wasn’t any kind of trouble at all.

Are Adults From Weimar Good With Cats?

This is what I can’t answer well. There are grown Weimaraners who are good with cats, and there are others who aren’t. It all depends on the person.

If the Weimaraner is saved, at least he doesn’t have to learn basic obedience. He may also have had the worst experience with cats. On the other hand, most people tend to adopt Weimaraners that are already old enough to care for. Weims who grew up with cats are likely to be good with cats.

Furthermore, it is hard for people who have never had a dog to adopt a grown Weimaraner if they don’t know how to care for one. You should not bring a grown-up Weimaraner into your home, even if you already have cats there.

In the past, you may have witnessed Weimaraners and cats cohabiting in the same location. That is a very interesting way to look at things. They sometimes sleep together, and at other times they act like Tom and Jerry like they always do.

Weimaraners And Cats

None of these things work well together. That’s a bad thing for the cat because it usually loses. A lot of the time, Weimaraners think of cats the same way they think about other small, furry prey animals.

They think they should chase them and catch them. This strong desire to hunt is inborn in the dog, and it’s very hard to get rid of. Many Weimaraners that can live with a cat are likely to have been used to cats as babies.

When introducing a cat to a Weimaraner, it is very important to be careful. I can’t say this enough. Most Weimaraners won’t be able to live with cats safely because they are very dangerous.

If you already have a Weimaraner and want to get a cat, I would not risk it. You don’t think your dog will like the new cat. Probably not.

Weimaraners are by nature attached to their families and don’t like when people come into their lives, especially if they look like prey. Keep your Weimaraner and get rid of the cat. You’ll save time and heartache.

In this case, you have a much better chance of making your cat and Weimaraner puppy work together. When the Weimaraner puppy is properly introduced to the cat, it will see the cat as part of the family because the cat was already there when the puppy came.

There is only one way I’ve been able to keep cats in the house with Weimaraners over the last 30 years that I’ve tried. I’ve had to start with the puppies.

In general, puppies do not have as much confidence or a strong desire to hunt as adults do. Two things happen very quickly as they get older. The younger the puppy is when it meets cats, the better.

The Puppy Strategy


In the study, it was found that when dogs and cats are properly introduced and socialized, they can get along. Make sure to get a cat that isn’t more than 6 months old, and then get a dog that isn’t more than 1 year old. They still might not enjoy each other’s company even if this is true. They might just not care about each other.

You must adapt or purchase a Weimaraner puppy and follow a rigorous training regimen for this approach to be effective. You’ll have to work hard to get your dog to stop. His hunting instincts were developed over generations, so you’ll need to put in some effort.

Getting Ready And Getting Disciplined

It’s important to keep your Weimaraner in one or two rooms with a baby gate and make sure your cat has safe places to perch and ways to get out. Put the dog on a leash and keep your cool. This is what happens when you introduce a dog to a cat.

Weimaraners are very sensitive and very easy to train. The best way to get positive feedback is to use things like praise and affection and toys and treats to show how much you care about someone or something. Clicker training is an option. Expand and extend play dates to build on what works.

Your dog should never bark, lunge at, or bite a cat. Do not let your child do anything like this. Tell him or her to “No” and “Sit.” Your Weimaraners are very sensitive, so don’t be too harsh with them. Even though he’s just doing what comes naturally to him, that’s not a bad thing.

Avoid disciplining a cat who attacks a dog, because this can cause the animal to be hated for the rest of its life, which can lead to its death.

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Final Thoughts

Even if Weimaraners and Cats normally get along, they shouldn’t be left alone. Even if they usually do. Things can go wrong. When you must depart, secure the cat in a safe location or the dog in a secure crate. People should be safe than sorry about this.

It is important to know that your Weimaraner is only in love with you and your cat, not all cats. Dogs are like people: they have feelings for people they know. When people come to the door, your dog will bark at them. When he sees new cats, he’s not likely to be friendly.

As long as you put in a lot of work, you can have Weimaraners and Cats living together in the same house.

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