Weimaraner Blue Eyes: Myth or Truth?

Do you ever look at your weimaraner and wonder, “Do weimaraners really have blue eyes?” If so, you’re not alone. The question has been asked by many others as well.

The short answer is yes — weimaraners do in fact have blue eyes. But what causes this color variation? And is it really possible to determine if a weimaraner has blue eyes?

Let’s take a look.

Weimaraners, originally bred in Germany as hunting dogs, are some of the most striking-looking breeds around. With their silver-grey coats and piercing eyes, each dog is truly one of a kind. And while most weimaraners have blue eyes, it’s not the only color they can have.

The official breed standard for weimaraners actually lists two acceptable eye colors: grey and amber. The latter is fairly self-explanatory — while some dogs do end up with yellow or orange eyes, they’re still considered within the normal range of the breed. On the other hand, grey eyes are considered a bit more unusual.

Weimaraner Eye Color – What’s The Deal?

Weimaraner Eye Color - What's the Deal?

The short answer? A number of things.

First, eye color is an inherited trait for weimaraners. If you breed two dogs together that both have blue eyes or grey eyes, the puppies will likely end up with one of those colors as well. This is because genetic traits are often carried on what’s known as a recessive gene.

So it’s pretty rare to find a weimaraner with one of the other common eye color options, like yellow or brown.

When it comes to understanding why certain breeds have specific eye colors, the genetics behind it is pretty straightforward. Since there are different variations of certain genes, it’s possible for them to be expressed in particular ways.

For instance, it’s common knowledge that brown eyes are dominant over blue eyes. So you’re far more likely to find a dog with brown eyes than blue. And while grey eyes could technically be passed down from both parents, the chances aren’t very high.

Grey eyes are more often found in weimaraners that have parents with grey or amber-colored eyes. And when it comes to breeding, it’s also possible for both of these colors to appear in the same litter!

Weimaraner Blue Eyes – How Can You Tell?

It can be difficult to tell if a weimaraner has blue eyes, but there are a couple of things to look for.

One way is to turn the dog’s head so you can see their eye color in bright light. Since the reflection should cause the iris color to appear darker, this may be easier than trying to guess when looking at your weimaraner head-on.

Another thing that might help is to look at the dog’s nose. According to some experts, dogs with grey or blue eyes tend to have pink noses! This isn’t always true, but it’s something worth considering if you’re thinking about breeding your weimaraners and want them both to have blue eyes.

And finally — avoid any breeder who claims they can guarantee a puppy will have blue eyes. It’s simply not possible — and any breeder who claims otherwise shouldn’t be trusted.

At the end of the day, there’s no harm in asking your weimaraner breeder about their dogs’ eye color. They should be able to tell you (and show you!) what colors each dog has as well as give their reasons for breeding those particular animals together.

Do Weimaraners Keep Their Blue Eyes?

Do Weimaraners keep their Blue Eyes?

This is something that often confuses new weimaraner owners! The short answer is no, but it’s a little bit more complicated than that.

While most dogs will lose their baby-blue eyes within the first few months of life, they’ll end up with grey eyes instead. This doesn’t mean your weimaraner didn’t have blue eyes when they were younger — it just means that they acquired the colored pigment that colors the eye.

The color of their eyes will change again when they’re older, though not in the way many people expect. Some weimaraners end up with yellow or amber-colored eyes as they get older, while others retain their grey color for their entire lives.

So what actually causes the color change? It’s a part of natural aging. Since hair, skin and nails are all made up of dead cells, they lose their color over time. The same thing happens when it comes to your dog’s eyes!

Weimaraner Eye Problems

Weimaraner Eye Problems

Just because your weimaraner has blue eyes doesn’t mean they’re completely healthy. According to the AKC Canine Health Foundation, eye problems can affect dogs of any coat color. But some breeds are more likely to have certain issues.

When it comes to weimaraners, blue eyes are often a symptom of an autoimmune disorder called PRA. This is a progressive disease where the retina slowly degenerates over time, leading to blindness.

While it’s common for weimaraners to have blue eyes with PRA, not all dogs with PRA will develop this symptom. It does seem that more frequently affected dogs are likely to develop some degree of blue discoloration, though.

Weimaraner Blue Eyes Care

Weimaraner Eye Care

Taking proper care of your weimaraner’s eyes is important if you want them to look as healthy as possible. Here are some tips:

Use doggy eye drops: Just like people, dogs can develop dry and itchy eyes from time to time. If your dog starts pawing at their face or just looks generally uncomfortable, talk to your vet about using artificial tears.

Protect their eyes: While it’s fun to take your weimaraner for walks in the snow, their eyes aren’t designed to deal with cold weather. If you want to protect them, consider getting eye covers that can help keep out any wind or dust that might irritate your dog’s eyes.

Never use human eye drops: Even though people’s eye drops are generally safe for humans, they can be extremely damaging to your weimaraner’s eyes! many human medications have the potential to cause blindness or other vision problems. If you think your dog might have an eye problem, take them to see a vet right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do Weimaraner Puppies Look Like With Blue Eyes?

Puppies tend to have blue eyes, but it’s possible for them to change color as they grow up. The same goes for grown dogs — their eye color may change over time as a result of disease or just natural aging.

Do PRA-Affected Weimaraners Always Have Blue Eyes?

No, it’s actually possible for a PRA-affected weimaraner to have brown or even amber eyes. If you notice your dog developing any changes in their eye color, talk to a veterinarian as soon as possible!

Are Weimaraner Puppies With Blue Eyes More Likely To Get PRA?

While it’s possible for a blue-eyed puppy to develop PRA, it’s not certain. And having PRA doesn’t mean that your dog will never have normal eyes again — although they may start developing vision problems as they grow older.

Will Weimaraners Ever Lose Their Blue Eyes?

No, weimaraners often keep their blue eyes as they get older — though some might develop yellow or amber eyes as a part of the natural aging process.

Do Weimaraners With Blue Eyes Have Any Other Health Problems?

If you notice your dog having trouble seeing or walking, it might be a sign of an eye or neurological disorder. Take them to see the vet right away, since these symptoms can indicate something seriously wrong!


At last, the mystery is solved! While it might be fun to guess whether or not your weimaraner has blue eyes, understanding why they change color over time will help you keep your dog healthy and happy.

Now that you know what causes this unique eye color, keep watching your dog’s eyes for signs of age-related problems like PRA. If you notice any changes, take your weimaraner to the veterinarian right away.

Thank you for reading and we hope this article has helped you!

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