Weimaraner Names: Let’s Pick One For Your Weim

Do you need some Weimaraner names? How about a cute name for your new puppy?

Perhaps you are looking for something with meaning, or maybe you want a memorable name. Whatever the case may be, if you are having trouble coming up with ideas, let’s figure this out together!

One thing is certain; if you make the wrong decision when naming your weim, it may come back to bite you in the butt. You don’t want to live with a name like Mr. Fluffy for the next fifteen years!

So here’s the deal: I’m going to list some names and their meanings. Then you can pick one (or more) that suits your fancy.

So, to get the ball rolling, here are five Weimaraner names with their meaning:

Maximus – “greatest”, Princess – “a girl of noble birth”, Odin – scandinavian god of war Warrior – one engaged in warfare Bloodlust – a strong desire for bloodshed and carnage

If you need more, just check out the list in the later section of the article.

Why Should You Name Your Weimaraner?


That’s an easy one! All dogs need names. They are pack animals, and in the wild, they have to learn to respond when their pack leader issues a command. If you want your pooch to mind you in the future, it’s important that he learns his name early on in life so he comes to recognize it as a command.

The case for giving your weimaraner an actual name, rather than just using ‘dog’, ‘pup’, or ‘good boy’ when talking to him is clear cut. It’s important for proper development that he learns what you are saying in the early stages of his life. You don’t want to keep him in the dark about what you want him to do, and ignoring his responses will make it even harder for him to get on your page down the road.

How to Choose a Good Name For Your Weimaraner?

There are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding on a name for your weimaraner.

First of all, some people believe that giving your pet a human name will cause it to develop an identity crisis. I can’t say I agree with this one myself, but just keep in mind that some purists do take exception to the practice.

Secondly, a name that is too long or complicated to shout across a crowded park can be a problem as well. You don’t want your dog looking at you like he doesn’t have a clue when you’re trying to tell him it’s time for dinner, so keep this in mind as you choose your Weimaraner names.

Finally, consider carefully whether or not the language you use around your dog might confuse him. For example, there are some words people use interchangeably, but have different meanings from one another depending on the context they are being used in. For instance ‘try’ and ‘attempt.’ While they sound similar and mean about the same thing (at least to me).

Weimaraner Names: Choose One From This List!

Following is a list of weimaraner names and their meanings:

German Weimaraner Names

First, let’s take a look at some German weim names. This is where the breed originated from and will give you ideas on how to find a name with a specific meaning.

German Weimaraner Names for Males

  • Garan (guardian)
  • Conrad (honest and brave)
  • Fritz (peaceful ruler)
  • Otto (wealth and fortune)
  • Hamlet (from the little village)
  • Wolfgang (advancing wolf)
  • Edward (wealthy guardian)
  • Rollo (famous in the land)
  • Rudy (famous wolf)
  • Drugi (strong)
  • Nardo (strong or hardy)

German Weimaraner Names for Females

  • Della (bright)
  • Hilda (battle maid)
  • Mina (love)
  • Irma (warrior)
  • Bertina (bright or shining)
  • Joli (pretty)
  • Etta (little one)
  • Griselda (gray battle maiden)
  • Ottilia (fortunate heroine)
  • Karlesha (tiny and feminine)

Blue Weimaraner Names

Now, let’s take a look at some Blue weim names. This is a variation of the breed that was developed in the USA, and it does not have any meaning associated with it, but can still be a pretty name for your pooch!

Blue Weimaraner Names for Males

  • Zander (alder tree)
  • Dancer (one who dances)
  • Kincade (little brother)
  • Grant (great one)

Blue Weimaraner Names for Females

  • Cinnamon (shade and shelter)
  • Dawn (the dawn or the daybreak)
  • Winifred (peaceful friend)
  • Sophie (‘wisdom’)
  • Hayley (‘hay meadow’)
  • Amber (literally, the yellow gem)
  • Abbigail (father’s joy)
  • Caroline (free man)

Silver Weimaraner Names

If you want to go with an all-American dog name for your pooch, you might consider the silvery color of this breed. What could be better than a name that telegraphs what your pup looks like?

Silver Weimaraner Names for Males

  • ‘Hunter’ (the one who hunts)
  • Sterling (flawless silver)
  • Cash (treasure of the house)
  • Ace (the best one)

Silver Weimaraner Names for Females

  • Daneen (little Danny or little Dani–Danny was originally a male name, but its gender has changed over time)
  • Gwendolyn (‘white ring’)
  • Leigh (meadow of light)
  • Gwen (fair; blessed; holy)
  • Keely (antler-like water fairy)
  • Meredith (great lord, or sea lord’s attendant)
  • Hazel (from the hazel tree)
  • Mallory (unfortunate; unlucky; bitter)
  • Cindy (goddess of the moon)
  • Wendy (gracious protector of humanity and animals)
  • Aileen (light; bright; born of fire)
  • Tiffany (manifests God’s light)
  • Caitlyn (pure; maiden)

Famous Weimaraner Names

If you are looking for a name that is known by everyone, why not consider one of the famous Weimaraners? This list includes some dogs who were great hunters, as well as those who became celebrities.

Famous Weim Name for Males

  • Hemingway (famous writer)
  • Lassie (‘lass’ is an informal term for ‘girl’ or ‘lassie’)
  • Pete (rock; stone)
  • Bridget Bardot (actress and model)
  • Paris Hilton (socialite, actress and model)
  • Grace Kelly (actress and Princess of Monaco)
  • Gidget (beach-going girl)
  • Bessie (gracious lady)

Famous Weim Names for Females

  • Hedy Lamarr (actress and inventor)
  • Betty Grable (actress–Pin Up Girl, famous WWII pin up girl)
  • Ginger Rogers (famous actress in the dance partnership with Fred Astaire)
  • Babe Didrikson Zaharias (athlete who won two gold medals in track and field in 1932 Olympics)
  • Lauren Bacall (actress known for her husky voice)
  • Liv Tyler (daughter of rock star)
  • Elizabeth Taylor (iconic actress)

Movies Inspired Weimaraner Names

If you want a name from the silver screen, why not consider one of these breeds which were named after famous movies?

Movies Inspired Weimaraners Names for Males

  • Casablanca (famous movie)
  • Blondie (comic strip and movie character who is a detective)
  • James Bond (fictional British spy)
  • Cary Grant (actor in many classic movies)
  • Frankenstein (the monster of the novel or comic books or movies)

Movies Inspired weimaraner Names for Females

  • Scarlett (a female character in the movie Gone with the Wind)
  • Audrey (an actress who was a Hollywood “blonde bombshell”)
  • Debbie Reynolds (Singing and acting actress from Singing In The Rain)
  • Marilyn Monroe (iconic blonde actress, model and singer)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use These Names For All The Dogs In My House?

Yes! They can be used for all breeds of your dogs.

Does Naming a Weimaraner Pay Homage to The German Heritage of The Breed?

Not really, but there is an honorary link between Germany and weimaraners in that the breed is named after the Grand Duke of Weimar, Karl August Friedrich von Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach.

If I Name My Weimaraner, Will He/She Love Me More?

If your dog loves you already, she or he will probably be just fine with whatever name you choose. However, some dogs are unhappy when their names are changed and it can lead to behavioral issues such as separation anxiety (the dog does not like to be left alone) and other issues.

Can I Change My Weimaraner Name If I’m Unhappy With It?

Yes! You are the master of your dog’s name, so if you don’t like it anymore, then go ahead and change it around.

What Should I Name My Weimaraner Dog?

Well, that depends on you. If you feel that having a fancy or cute name for your dog makes you look more intelligent and refined, then go ahead and name your dog something that sounds great! However, if it really doesn’t matter to you what they call your dog, then consider just simply calling them “dog” or whatever they respond to.


We hope you enjoyed these Weimaraner names, even if your pup isn’t purebred. These names will suit most dogs of any breed. You can easily find more articles like this one on our blog.

Naming your pet is an important part of owning them, and we hope that our dog name list will help you and your pet enjoy each other’s company even more.

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