Why Are Weimaraners So Clingy?

Weimaraners are naturally attached to their families. They necessitate a lot of attention. When asked by people why are Weimaraners so clingy, before owning a weim, we say the most common cause is anxiety or someone attempting to control you.

Weimaraner dogs are clingy and require a lot of attention from their owners. As a result, they’re also known as “Velcro Dogs.” Basic obedience training, daily exercises, and the use of tried-and-true tactics are always viable options.

The other major issue is that most Weims are genetically predisposed to separation anxiety. As a result, they are more prone to separation anxiety. When this happens, they become clingy or needy, and they want their owners to be with them all of the time.

Dogs With Velcro

Why Are Weimaraners So Clingy

Despite the fact that Weims are known as hunting dogs and are not supposed to be clingy or needy, they are.

Weimaraners are Velcro dogs, after all. As a result, they have a proclivity for being overly clingy or needy towards their owners. They also expect them to give them their undivided attention and affection.

If Your Weimaraners Have Anxiety

Despite being excellent hunting dogs, the majority of Weimaraners suffer from separation anxiety. One of the first signs could be that he begins to follow you around the house.

Assume your Weimaraner follows you around the house at all times. How are you going to stop him? You can’t do it all at once. It must be a sequential procedure.

Let’s say he tries to get close to both of you (wife and husband) and jumps between you. This is a characteristic of clingy Weimaraners. To solve it, you only need to do one small thing.

You must both stand up and turn your backs on him until he becomes calm and submissive. He’ll most likely leave at that point. However, if he remains in the same position as before when you get into bed, repeat the process.

Weimaraner has Dominance Issue

Weimaraners can exhibit clingy behavior as a result of the dominance issue. Before you take it seriously, you must first solve it.

Keep him away from the furniture. If he tries to get close, get him off the couch, as I mentioned earlier. But I’m not trying to belittle or blame them. It’s easy to do with puppy treats.

Allow them to believe that if they get up off the couch, they will be rewarded. Teach him to avoid going near you. Due to the dominance issue, the Weimaraners are attempting to take control of you. You have to persuade them that he isn’t the boss. Then he will not only love you, but he will also respect your personal space. Then the clingy characteristics of the Weimaraner will fade away.

Weimaraner Jealousy

Weimaraners can exhibit clingy characteristics as a result of jealousy. He doesn’t require the presence of anyone else. You may have encountered those issues in the past.

If you’re married, and he’s overly attached to one of you, he won’t give you any privacy. As I previously stated, he must sleep with both of you. So, in order to solve this problem, both of you must pay equal attention to him.

Allow your partner to take him out for a walk if you take him out today. This should be done every time. Then the Jealousy traits of Weimaraners will fade away.

Weimaraner Is In Desperate Need of A Companion

Weimaraners can be clingy

When they don’t have a friend to play with, Weimaraners can be clingy. They are, as I previously stated, extremely playful and high-energy dogs.

If you want to bring another friend, I don’t recommend bringing a cat. Because these dogs are likely to chase down any moving object.

It would be preferable if you could bring another Weimaraner. They’ll be able to look after each other then. They won’t be worried while you’re gone.

Looking For A Playing Partner

Weimaraners enjoy playing and require a partner in order to do so. They become clingy or needy and lonely if their owners don’t give them enough time or don’t play with them afterward. And follows their owner around, trying to persuade them to play.

What To Do If Your Weimaraner Is Clingy

It depends on the reason for your dog’s clinginess. If it’s due to separation anxiety, I’d suggest dealing with it as soon as possible. Try to keep an eye on your dog for any signs of illness, such as changes in appetite, bathroom habits, or personality. Weims can become more clingy as they get older. I would see a doctor if you haven’t felt like yourself and your dog has suddenly become more clingy. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Why Are Weimaraners So Clingy

Weims are clingy, but they have lovable and exotic qualities. The characteristics of a clingy Weimaraner have been described below so that you can learn more about this breed.


Weimaraners are bred exclusively for their owners and family members and are fiercely loyal to them. They would go to any lengths to help him. They also make their owner the center of their universe and only want to be with them because they are Velcro dogs.

Attached To Family 

It’s one of their best qualities. Weimaraners are extremely attached to their families and do not enjoy spending time away from them. They prefer to be near family members, play with them, engage in activities with them, and, of course, go on a hunt, walk, or jog with them.

Hugs And Cuddles Are Her Favorite Things To Do

Weimaraners enjoy receiving hugs and cuddles from their owners and other members of their families. In fact, it’s for this reason that they’re so clingy. Petting, hugging, and cuddling with their owners are treasured moments for them.

He Despises Sleeping Alone

It doesn’t matter if it’s a baby weim or an adult Weimaraner, they despise sleeping alone. It’s also part of their clingy personality. They’d frequently leap onto the bed to make room for their owners to sleep. Even if they are married. Weims enjoy being cuddled while sleeping.

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How Do I Get My Weimaraner Dog To Stop Being Clingy?

stop your Weims from being clingy

Your Weimaraner dog’s clinginess can be annoying at times. As a result, some effective ways to stop your Weims from being clingy have been described below.

Provide Enough Physical Activity

Allow enough time for your Weims to engage in strenuous exercise. Exercise will help him lose energy while also exhausting his body. So, if you’re tired, your Weimaraner won’t want to follow you or cling to you. He’d rather take a break.

Stimulate Their Mind 

Provide plenty of mentally stimulating games, toys, and activities for your Weimaraner. These activities will keep your Weimaraner’s mind occupied, and he will be less clingy around you.

Weimaraners are prone to being clingy due to boredom and loneliness. They can’t think of anything else to do. As a result, mental stimulation is provided by games such as treasure hunting, regular playing sessions, and companion toys.

Shows Affection For Them

Because clinginess can be a sign of separation anxiety, lavish your Weimaraner with love and affection so he doesn’t feel abandoned and long for your company. It will also build trust between you two, and he will feel safe knowing that you will always be there for him.

Create His Special Place 

Make a special area for your Weimaraner, complete with his favorite toys and treats, as well as a sleeping area. So that if he ever feels lonely or bored, he can go to that location and play alone. You can teach him cue words like “go there,” “go play,” and so on. When they obey you, reward them with a treat.

Ignore His Stubbornness 

You should avoid your Weimaraner if you think he’s being clingy because he wants you all day. Because he may become more clingy as a result of this.

So, when he tries to get too close to you or wants to cuddle you, push him away. His clinginess will fade over time.

Final Thoughts

Cuddling Weimaraners are always delightful. However, their clingy behavior sometimes creates a problem for their owners. But with proper guidance and love, you can make your Weimaraner less clingy. Also, the tips given above will surely be helpful to make your Weimaraner less clingy. Do try them!

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